Loose lay vinyl flooring is one of the simplest floors to install. As shown in the video, Loose lay vinyl tile literally just lays on the floor with no nails, staples, or glue.  Loose Lay Vinyl installs flush to the walls, right up against them. No expansion gap is needed, because these don’t expand or contract. Each plank also installs flush with the surrounding planks, so that once you’ve got your floor in place, it  has nowhere to go. The bottom surface creates a good amount of friction, almost gripping the subfloor underneath it.

A kitchen with Akadia Vinyl Flooring

The durability, resistance to moisture, low cost and trouble-free maintenance make it an excellent choice for basements and areas that potentially could have moisture. The term “loose lay” applies to vinyl installed without adhesive, typically in a room less than 25 square yards. For large rooms, heavy load bearing areas or odd-shaped rooms that require seams, loose lay is not the best option. Because it is not glued down, you can easily replace it anytime. If a tile is saturated with moisture, the tile can be pulled up; dried out, and then the same plank will go back into place. Loose lay tile is a DIYer’s dream come true!

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